Tai Chi: Go with the Flow (standing or seated)

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30 min
Tai Chi: Go with the Flow (standing or seated)-0

These sessions gently guide you through a simple Tai Chi workout (follow the leader style), emphasizing continuity, connection, and your feeling of meditative FLOW. Each session is a practice, but with no experience, no knowledge needed.

What you'll learn

When the mind, body, and heart are in synergy, we achieve a state known as Flow.  In Tai Chi: Go with the Flow, we practice gentle mindful movement as we apply Patience, Letting Go, Being Natural, Being Balanced and Coordination to pursue harmony and Flow.  No rules to learn, no right, no wrong.  Just breathe, relax, and follow the lead.    A great stress reducing practing seated or standing.

This class is perfect for

Perfect for anyone with stress in their life: beginners, seniors, those with Parkinson’s, fibromyalgia, peripheral neuropathy, diabetes, or obesity. Seated or standing, enjoy this Tai Chi practice of flowing continuity without interruption.

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Jan 01-07, 1970

What to bring

Loose fitting clothes
Comfortable shoes
Maybe, 3 x 5 feet of space but less will work
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Ty Arnold

Your teacher

For many years, as an IT professional (programmer, Manager, Director, Consultant), I taught various levels of IT classes to many different groups. I realized I love to share knowledge. Around 2010, in preparation for my retirement, I pursued training to allow me to teach what I am passionate about: Kundalini Yoga, Mindful Tai Chi, Meditation, Mindfulness, and Self-Hypnosis. All of these modalities are lessons in helping people deal better with stress and be healthier, and the studies have help me grow as a person. I started teaching immediately, though it was part time since I had not retired, yet. Now, in my retirement, I pursue working with under served groups and individuals who need help with stress or just want to discover what it is like to have a calmer mind. When COVID hit the world, I took my classes online where I am pleased to say they flourished. I enjoy leading people in Mindful Tai Chi, Meditation, and Visualization for Positive Change. And, I do my best to make this practice available at an affordable price.

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