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Is your neck feeling stiff? Sitting a lot at your desk? Your lower back is getting sore? Then this class is for YOU! We are going to be stretching from the upper body to the lower body in 30 minutes.

What you'll learn

A 30 minute very calm stretch class. Stretching your neck muscles all the way to your calf muscles. You should be leaving this class, very calm and mindful to start your day. 

This class is perfect for

Learn ,fitness-and-wellbeing.pilates,, with Chavah B | Amphy

Meet Chavah Barit,

Your teacher

This is my 4th year working as a Biokineticist and 3rd year working as a Pilates Instructor. I love helping people reach their goals and get my clients through their rehabilitation.

What to bring

Mat/towel, theraband/mini towel

How to participate

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