Starting Your Side Business in Eight Easy Steps

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60 min

Students will learn how to start a side business in eight easy steps - from idea to first sale. Starting a business does not have to be hard but you have to do it right

What you'll learn

I am the proud owner of many businesses I  started from the ground up. This course guides participants through the eight critical steps in starting their own business. 

1) The idea - finding inspiration
2) The customers - you don't need every customer - just the right ones
3) Marketing - We have come a very long way
4) The Team - who do you need - and who do you want to avoid?
5) Finance - There is money out there
6) Operations - Pulling the plan together
7) Risk avoidance - What you... 
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This class is perfect for

Anyone - from 14 to 84 - that wants to start their own business

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Jan 01-07, 1970

What to bring

A willingness to take the leap of starting their own business
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Norman Leach

Your teacher

I am an award-winning instructor who started teaching at the University of Manitoba when I was 28. Since then, I have become one of Canada's most in-demand sessional lecturers. Over time I have taught 10's of thousands of students across Canada and worldwide. As the consummate storyteller, my classes bring leadership, marketing, and entrepreneurship to life. I was one of the first instructors in Canada to adopt the technologies and benefits of online learning. As a subject matter expert I have written and delivered courses on Marketing, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship. As a serial entrepreneur I bring my experience in the business world to my students. My stories are based on real-life business successes across more than 27 countries; and I received the Leadership Award from the Canadian Association of Manufacturers and Exporters for Export Development. I am a bestselling author with 14 published books, and my newest book, "Making a Million Dollars in the Sports Business," is coming out in September 2022, published by Zsa Zsa Publishers in London. Finally, I have received the Canada 125 medal, the Queens Jubilee medal, and the Alberta Centennial Medal for my community service. I am proud to be an honorary life member of the Canadian Association of Veterans in UN Peacekeeping.

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