Sports Performance training ​/​w Olympian Ian James

with Verified Teacher
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60 min
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Using Ian James' Power, Speed and Agility training program you will smash through your plateaus and reach a higher level of performance!

What you'll learn

Power Training

Power training sessions will help develop your athletic explosive strength. You will see significant improvements in your jumping, starting, and overall power movements. The power training sessions consist of a number of progression drills that will cover plyometrics, medicine ball work, and proper Olympic lifting techniques. Our goal is not to develop bodybuilders, but to develop your fast and explosive twitch muscles SAFELY.

Speed Training

Speed training sessions are designed to develop your maximum speed potential. Individuals who follow the recommended training program typically see an improvement of approximately two-tenths of a second in their 40-meter dash. Increasing your straight ahead speed will not only make you faster but it will transfer to your lateral movements and overall quickness. The speed training session goal is to simply help you move faster by firing up your fast twitch muscles. Some components of the program include:

*Increased Stride Length & Stride Frequency
*Improved Sprint Mechanics
*Improved Metabolic Factors
*Improved Core Stability
*Increased Body Composition

Agility Training

The overall goal of our Agility training sessions are to help the you apply your linear or straight ahead speed to lateral movements that are quick and safe. Through agility progression training, you will gain the ability to rapidly change directions without the loss of speed, balance, or body control. Some movement patterns and agility drills used in the training sessions are:

*acceleration and deceleration drills
*quick feet and ladder drills
*cone and sharp cutting patterns
*backpedaling and reaction exercises

This class is perfect for

fitness enthusiasts
anyone who has hit a fitness plateau
first time fitness participants
at-home workout participants
anyone planning to hire a personal trainer
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Meet Ian James,

Your teacher

- Former two-time Olympic athlete (Track and Field) - Three World Track and Field Championships - Commonwealth Games Medalist - Three-time NCAA All-American - World Student Games - Pan American Games - Eleven-time Canadian Long Jump Champion

What to bring

pen, paper or keyboard and a keen interest to learn

How to participate

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