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30-minute Spanish class to quickly learn new Spanish vocabulary. If you want to quickly learn a little bit of everything this is the Spanish class for you.

What you'll learn

Do you have 30 minutes break? 
Let's take advantage of it by expanding your Spanish vocabulary. In this quick Spanish class, you'll be surprised by how much information you can learn in a short amount of time.

You will learn useful words for your studies, job, or trips to foreign countries. Spanish is the official language of 18 American countries and has over 500 million speakers. So by learning this beautiful language you are opening the door of opportunity to connect with countless new people. Not to mention that it's the language of romance and Spanish-speaking countries have rich culture and history.

If you're taking Spanish classes in school or studying in Spanish this online Spanish class can helo with that. We can use this time for a quick 30-minute tutoring session. Any topic you're struggling with or help you need on assignments I will assist you with. Don't let yourself feel lost or stressed in your studies. Asking for help is a skill that the most successful people in the world learn how to use.
This class will also prove incredibly helpful to tourists and travelers heading to a Spanish-speaking country. Take a little time out of your day to take a crash course to repair yourself for the trip. Learn how to introduce yourself, ask for directions, have a simple conversation, or learn whatever you need before traveling. You don't want to feel isolated by not knowing any conversational Spanish that's for sure.
With so many new job opportunities and business opportunities, professionals could greatly benefit from learning Spanish. This class will help you ace your interview and show off your bilingual skills.  Or win that Spanish client by relating to them by speaking in their mother tongue.
For whatever reason you need an emergency crash course in Spanish, you've come to the right place. It's only 30-minutes of your busy life that can impact the trajectory of the rest of your life. Book a class, let me know if there's any specific lesson you want to learn, and I'll see you soon.

This class is perfect for

people looking to take advantage of short periods to keep learning Spanish
if you need a quick Spanish lesson
If you're traveling
Learn ,language-and-culture.spanish, with Maria Fernanda M | Amphy

Meet Maria Fernanda Mier,

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QUALIFICATIONS: MA Art & Culture Management BS Business GA Level 3 TEFL EXPERIENCE: 2014 - 2021 Countries: Bolivia, USA, Italy Topics: English, Business English, Business skills, Spanish Position: School teacher, private tutor, translator Ages: 3+

What to bring

Basic knowledge of the language

How to participate

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