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Learn to speak Spanish live and online. In these online Spanish classes, we can practice any topic that you like. We can speak about music, sports, culture, literature, business, whatever you want!

What you'll learn

In my online Spanish classes, you'll learn to speak Spanish through practice. We'll have speaking sessions to let you practice all the Spanish you have learned up to this point. This is a private session so we will speak Spanish at your level of skill. We can speak about any topic you are interested in. People are often more motivated to learn when it's about topics they're interested in. So come join this class and learn to speak Spanish. 

In these lessons, you can practice any topic that you want. We can speak about music, sports, culture, literature, business, or whatever you want! 
Also, we can do roleplay to prepare you for situations that you will go through in your daily life in any country where they speak Spanish.
The best way to learn to speak Spanish is by practicing Spanish speaking. The more you use your vocabulary words in context the faster they will become ingrained in your memory.
In these online Spanish classes, we'll also learn phrases and expressions used in Spanish. It's not enough to only build a vocabulary but also to learn the way to speak. You need to learn how to speak nicely, aggressively, politely, and everything else.
The best part about learning Spanish as a second language is that if you speak English you already know a lot of Spanish. English and Spanish share a lot of similarities. They have the same alphabet and a lot of words sound exactly the same in both languages. Maybe that's why over 40 million people speak Spanish in America.
Book a class today and let's practice our Spanish speaking skills. After completing this class you will feel more confident when speaking Spanish and have a wider vocabulary. As you learn with me you will sound more and more like a native speaker. Can't wait to see you in class.

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Meet Daniel Gonzalez,

Your teacher

I graduated in Hispanic Philology with a master’s degree in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language at University of Sevilla with more than 3 years of experience teaching Spanish to students from different nationalities, countries, ages and levels (from absolutely begginer to C2). I have worked with USA and Erasmus university students, refugees with any knowledge of Spanish, British, Chinese or Koreans students, among others. For doing that I have prepared personalized lessons based on the needs and interests of the students. Also, I’m an official DELE Examiner certified by Instituto Cervantes who has helped a lot of students to get their Spanish level certificated in different levels.

How to participate

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