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During our Spanish lessons, you will be able to learn and practice some of the A1 level structures and basic vocabulary. Experience an online Spanish teacher while learning Spanish for beginners.

What you'll learn

I will provide the materials and everything else needed to guide you through learning Spanish for beginners. My Spanish lessons take you Step by step to learn everything you need to know. We will create a confident environment to improve and boost your Spanish abilities.

If you've never learned from a Spanish teacher then you're in for a treat. Having a good Spanish teacher guide you helps a lot. Online Spanish lessons are the best way to learn Spanish. Especially for people learning Spanish for beginners, a Spanish teacher is priceless.   

These beginner lessons include everything you need to learn as a beginner Spanish language learner. We'll cover basic vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, and all the essentials. On top of that, we'll learn some useful conversational words. This way you won't only build a vocabulary but also have practical words to use in Spanish.

If you're up for it we'll also learn the Spanish alphabet, reading, and writing. Speaking Spanish is only half the battle, proper spelling, reading, and writing will make you fluent.

Online Spanish classes are an amazing thing that we previously didn't have access to. They make it so that you don't have to travel to Spain to learn Spanish. You don't even need to travel anywhere. Online live Spanish lessons turn your living room couch into your new classroom. Now we can connect and learn together even from across the globe. What an amazing opportunity to take advantage of.

Book a Spanish class with me and join the Spanish-speaking community of millions of people. It's the language of romance, it's the fourth most spoken language in the world, and it's beautiful.

You'll open yourself up to new friendships, business dealing, culture, art, television, and more! The best part of it all is that these lessons are affordable and convenient. Let's get started today, I can hardly wait!

This class is perfect for

Anyone with the motivation to learn Spanish from scratch willing to improve and work hard.
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Meet Oscar Facundo,

Your teacher

I’m a qualified Spanish teacher with ELE certification from International House Barcelona with more than 8 years of experience in teaching Spanish to students of all levels and nationalities. To complement my education I have taken part in several specialised language courses. I worked for different language schools, companies and as a private teacher both online and face to face.

What to bring

I will provide the materials for the lessons. I will also send them extra homework and readings to prepare our next lessons.

How to participate

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