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If you need to prepare for a Spanish exam, I have several years of experience and I am an official examiner at the Instituto Cervantes. These live online Spanish lessons will prepare you for your exam. Pass the exam and get certified.

What you'll learn

The goal of my Spanish class is to prepare you in every way for your Spanish exam. I'll help you learn Spanish so that you can pass your exam the first time and avoid redos. I am an official examiner in all levels of Spanish. I can tailor my teaching methods to your individual needs. So no matter what level of Spanish class you are up to I will be able to be your Spanish tutor.
If you learn Spanish you are joining a community of millions of Spanish speakers. Spanish is the 4th most spoken language in the world so it is a useful language to know.
Some people learn Spanish to communicate with relatives, for business dealings in emerging Latin economies, or to travel to beautiful Spanish-speaking countries. For whatever reason you are taking the exam this Spanish class will help you pass the first time.
Having a Spanish tutor is a popular choice for students because language learning takes discipline. As your Spanish tutor, I'll make sure that you are studying enough to retain all the information you have learned.
The beauty of a private live online Spanish class is that each lesson is personalized for you. I can teach all levels of Spanish exam prep to any student. If there is an area that is particularly hard for you we can spend extra focus time on that. If you already have mastered areas of Spanish there is no need for us to spend time on those areas.
No time will be wasted and all your targets will be hit. Don't be afraid to ask questions either. This Spanish class is 1-on-1, just me and you, so no other student's needs or desires matter here. Together we'll get you up to speed so that you will be as prepared for your exam as possible.
Book a Spanish class today and let's get prepared for your Spanish exam. It's so easy and helpful to have an online Spanish tutor and get ahead of the game. If you want to pass your Spanish exam the first time you take it then this is the class for you. Can't wait to see you in class!

This class is perfect for

Students who need to have a Spanish certificate
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Meet Angeles Huertas,

Your teacher

I am official examiner in all levels of Spanish. I can tailor my teaching methods to your individual needs, be it grammar focused or conversational classes. I have several years of experience in online teaching.

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