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Do you want to practice your Spanish conversation, Correct your pronunciation, speak more fluently, and learn new vocabulary? In this Spanish book club, we'll do exactly that. Speak Spanish in a group setting and improve your Spanish.

What you'll learn

Welcome to the Spanish conversation coffee club. In this group class, you'll learn Spanish through Spanish conversation. Choose the topic, and let's have a conversation with a cup of coffee. Here you can practice your Spanish and get tips so that you can improve and speak Spanish. We'll correct some issues that you are having while having a good time in a conversation that involves your interest. The best way to learn Spanish is by having fun. My classes will be a fun way to speak Spanish and improve your Spanish conversation skills.
There are many uses for Spanish as a language. Millions of people are learning Spanish as a second language. You can use this language in business dealings as Spanish becomes a bigger part of the global economy. It's also a great language to learn for travel. Some of the most beautiful and amazing vacation destinations are in Spanish-speaking regions. When traveling, the best way to find local attractions is by asking the locals. If you speak Spanish you are able to get information from them and not fall prey to tourist traps. It's truly a useful language to learn.
Want to know the best part? Spanish is quite similar to English. As you build your vocabulary you will notice that many words in Spanish sound and look the same as their English counterparts. So if you are an English speaker you already speak a little bit of Spanish. What a great head start!
If you want to improve how you sound while speaking Spanish both with your accent and vocabulary, this is the class for you. This fun book club is a great way to get real-life practice speaking Spanish. In this group session, we'll have time to discuss interesting topics with each other while sipping on some tea or coffee. If that sounds like something you would enjoy and benefit from then book a class today! I am so excited to see you all in class soon.

This class is perfect for

Level Intermediate and Advance who want to improve conversation, pronunciation, and vocabulary
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Meet Vanessa Carrillo,

Your teacher

I have been teaching Spanish since COVID when I decided to move to Playa del Carmen, and start meeting foreigners. Also, for people that move here and want to speak Spanish. I love helping people and teaching so I give Spanish classes to anyone that needs it.

What to bring

Be enthusiastic and looking for a good conversation while you learn

How to participate

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