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In this class, you'll learn the Spanish Alphabet. Obviously one of the basics of learning Spanish, the Spanish alphabet is a must learn. We'll go over everything from A-Z.

What you'll learn

If you're learning Spanish you need to learn the Spanish alphabet. Learning how to read and pronounce the letters of the language will help in many ways. When traveling you can read signs and directions not to get lost. You can read books which is a great way to improve fluency and vocabulary. And you can communicate with other Spanish speakers via text, email, and written messages. It's the cornerstone for your Spanish learning and useful to learn. 
In this class, you are going to learn the Spanish Alphabet. This includes how many letters there are, the pronunciation of the letters, how to memorize the letters, and how to write them. We'll learn new words in Spanish that start with each letter. All this will improve your Spanish speaking, reading, and overall comprehension.

Learning Spanish will be one of the most useful and rewarding endeavors that you embark on. The benefits are plenty for example learning it for business. There are many emerging markets coming out of Latin America. Spanish is swiftly becoming a crucial language for dealings in the global economy. Spanish culture is home to many great works of art throughout history. Learning Spanish will help you discover more about them. Even if it's only for the sake of entertainment, it's still worth it. Some of the best TV shows and movies are in Spanish. And you don't want to have to watch them with subtitles or dubbed over.

These Spanish lessons are group sessions. You'll be learning together with a class of many other learners. You'll have the chance to practice what you've learned on each other in class. And the beauty of live online classes is that you can attend from anywhere in the world.

So there's no reason to miss a class ;)

Book a session now and learn the entire Spanish alphabet. We'll have practices and tests to help you retain the information taught. Spanish learning doesn't have to be hard so my classes will be as fun and engaging as possible. Can't wait to see you in class!

This class is perfect for

For beginners in Spanish
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Meet Laís Silva,

Your teacher

I’ve been teaching languages for almost five years at languages schools and also online as a self employed teacher, I am passionated about languages and I have learned Spanish, English, Italian and Serbian by myself and have also worked teaching Spanish, English and Italian.

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