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In this course we will explore the SMART goals methodology, an effective and simple way to meet your professional and personal goals.

What you'll learn

Together we will design an effective action plan for 2 objectives that you want to achieve in this new year. 
1st session:  In the first session we will explore together with your background and what you want to achieve, then we will focus and develop the "S" (specific) of SMART GOALS

2nd session: exploration, development, and execution of the "M" (measurable) and the "A" (actionable) 

3rd session: exploration, development, and execution of the "R" (realistic) and the "T” (timebound) 

4th session: After the exploration and development of the 5 SMART goals, we will get ready to close and generate an action plan, with concrete techniques based on everything that worked. This will be  an effective and doable plan for you to follow and be able to achieve all that you propose so much on a personal and professional level

This class is perfect for

people who are looking for a way to achieve new goals in 2022 and who want to learn new techniques to implement in this process
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Meet Juliana Constain,

Your teacher

I studied marketing and advertising but my path ends combining the creative side of my degree with my other 3 passions: connect with people, travel, and teach through non-formal education methods. For the last 7 years of my life, I had the chance to travel around as a facilitator and non-formal education teacher leading workshops I’m different topics and contexts but always based on these pillars: sustainability, creativity, design thinking and learning to learn.

What to bring

bring a notebook and colors to write, sketch and doodle for the new year resolutions!

How to participate

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