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Yoandri breaks down the technique, intention, and power of riffs & runs. Learn how to turn a simple melody into a dazzling vocal performance. Using vocal riffs and runs properly can upgrade a song into a masterpiece.

What you'll learn


In this live online class, learn to belt your heart out like Beyonce. Yoandri Cabrera, Latino singer, and contestant on the Univision reality show "La Banda" teaches vocal runs and riffs. Through the medium of live streaming video, Yoandri takes you through the tricks and methods that make an excellent vocal run. 

Learning this one singing technique can change your whole career. A vocal run takes an average song and adds some sugar and spice to it. On top of releasing original music, racking up millions of streams on youtube, and more, Yoandri has been taking singing since age 7. He's here to teach you in a systematic way, how to sing and how to sing professionally. 

If you feel intimidated by songs with vocal riffs and choose to avoid singing them, this class is for you. No more will you have to shy away from challenging vocal performances. After taking this class, you will be ready to sing beautiful riffs and no song will be out of your vocal reach. 

Not only are vocal runs awe-inspiring, mastering singing vocal runs helps add style and improve, dexterity, strength, speed, balance, and control of your voice. Your singing skills will improve and you'll reach new capabilities in your voice, sound, and style. 

So who's ready to take their singing skills to the next level?

Topics that you will study in this class:

-What is the difference between a run and a riff?
-What makes a run either good or bad?
-Examples of your favorite singers and performances with vocal runs. 
-How to exercise your voice to get ready for these songs. 
-Time to sing. Practice runs and riffs.   

If you can sing, you can learn to sing vocal runs. It's as simple as singing a series of notes together. Once you have perfected this technique you'll be able to amaze audiences with it. So, if you want to sound like Mariah Carey at your next Christmas Karaoke, this is the place for you. Join Yoandri and develop your voice and singing skills to the next level. We can't wait to see and hear you all in class!

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Yoandri Fans
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Meet Yoandri Cabrera,

Your teacher

Latino contestant on the Univision reality show La Banda who has released such songs as "Que Se Sienta el Deseo" and "Drag Me Down."

What to bring

A good attitude
Water or something to drink

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