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We will discuss the basics you may wish to know about shamans and the shamanic arts and whether you may be a shaman.

What you'll learn

Learn what is a shaman, the signs that show that you may be one and about the shamanic arts in general, from soul journeys to what is Spirit.

This class is perfect for

Anyone who is interested in shamanism.
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Meet Orecia Terner,

Your teacher

I studied under Randall Chipps, an indigenous Medicine Man and Chieftain of the Dhididat Tribe of the Nootka people of the Pacific West Coast, after he discovered me to be a natural born shaman who would carry on his legacy. Upon completing my formal education and training, I have been working as a therapist, Reiki practitioner/teacher, shaman and spiritual teacher over 25 years. I have students and clients around the world with whom I work with in-person (now limited to Covid-19), and through Zoom, Skype, Facetime and over the telephone. I have been a guest on podcasts and I have written two self-help/spiritual books with one of my students which are Amazon best sellers. I utilize the shamanic arts to facility physical, emotional and mental healing, expanded awareness, mindfulness, and present moment living, along with spiritual/soul work and more. Also, I am a seer (remote viewing and tarot cards); a medium; and I take people on soul journeys and soul retrievals.

What to bring

a comfortable and quiet place to sit, pen and paper

How to participate

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