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60 min
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Format ✔️Online, google presentations + Miro tool for team work ✔️10 hours of the training ✔️Lesson content - theory 70% + practice 30%

What you'll learn

Course program

1. Agile philosophy
- Principles and values of Agile
- Differences between Agile and waterfall model
- Differences between Project and product approach 
- Characteristics of Agile organization
- Approaches based on Agile (Scrum, LeSS, Kanban, XP, TDD etc)

2. Scrum foundations and theory of complexity
- Scrum basics: empirical process control
- Self-organized and self-managed teams
- Cynefin framework and where Scrum works and where doesn’t

3. Scrum roles and their responsibilities
- Scrum team characteristics and responsibilities
- Product owner responsibilities and anti-patterns of the role
- Differences between Product owner and Project manager
- Scrum master responsibilities and anti-patterns of the role
- Differences between Scrum master and Regular manager
- Development team responsibilities and anti-patterns of the role

4. Scrum events and their values in the framework
- Characteristics and requirements of Sprint
- Sprint planning - how it should be conducted
- Daily Scrum- how it should be conducted
- Sprint review - how it should be conducted
- Retrospective - how it should be conducted
- PBR process and how to conduct it

5. How to conduct a great and useful retrospective meeting
- The structure of the retrospective meeting
- Inputs and outputs of the retrospective meeting
- How to prepare well for a retrospective

6. Scrum artifacts - useful things inside the framework
- Product backlog, characteristics and how to manage it
- Sprint backlog - the artifact of the development team
- Definition of done and definition of ready or how to implement quality management into Scrum

7. Estimation and decomposition in Scrum
- How to write great user stories
- How to decompose user stories and tasks
- User story mapping
- Estimation in Story points

8. How to use Scrum on Scale?
- How to organize teams in Scrum for up to 150 people?
- Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) framework - teams structure
- Overview of events in LeSS
- Course completion and questions

This class is perfect for

- Project, product and delivery managers
- Software development teams
- Marketing teams
- Everyone who wants to improve their processes of value delivery
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