Scottish Savory Scones

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60 min
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Scottish savory rustic quick bread

What you'll learn

Scottish scones are often mildly sweet and usually served with Jam. But this recipe is all about a twist from the regular scones. Students will learn to make a savory version of the Scottish scones usually served warm with a cup of coffee/tea. This recipe is made with whole wheat flour and its egg-free

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Meet Maithri Raghu,

Your teacher

Check out my baking journey at My experiments are mostly on healthy baking and unique recipe creation. Exclusively eggless baking is my kind. Sometimes simple and sometimes complicated recipes evolve out from my kitchen.

What to bring

Whole wheat flour 226gms
Tapioca Starch/Corn starch 30gms
Baking powder 2tsp
Salt 1.5tsp
Sugar 1tbsp
Olive oil/sunflower oil 60ml
Ice cold full fat milk 240ml
Choice of Additions:-
Shredded cheese 100gms
Spring onion (As per choice)
Freshly chopped herbs or dry herbs like oregano, basil etc
Chilly flakes 1tsp
Paprika (Optional)
Garlic powder/freshly minced garlic 1tsp
Olives, Sundried tomatoes, boiled corn kernels etc. as per choice

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