Road to Chess Improvement: Middlegames Strategies

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75 min
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Are you ever at a loss for what to do when there are no immediate tactics available? Far more important than memorizing moves is understanding where your pieces belong and what the plans are for both sides. I will work on this concept with you.

What you'll learn

Welcome to live online lessons, the best way to learn chess. Learn chess middlegame from an experienced chess coach from the comfort of your house. This class is for your chess improvement but we'll also have fun. You can't get anything done unless you're having fun. I will specifically talk through and provide perfect examples for the below categories:

 - What is the difference between a tactic & Strategy?
 - How to judge a chess position accurately
 - A simple method to calculate tactics
 - What to do when there's nothing interesting going on in the position
 - Don't react to everything your opponent does

Follow my guidance and see a big chess improvement in your game playing. In this live class, I encourage asking questions. Not only so that you can learn things you want to know, but also for me to assess your skill level and what you need to learn. Live is the best way to learn chess because we can focus on what needs to be focused on without wasting time on areas we're already good at.

Chess middlegame is an interesting stage of the game because there are so many options that can play out. The chess middlegame is where the main battle wages on. Players need to carefully consider tactics to not fall for a trap or miss opportunities to take the upper hand. The best way to learn chess for middlegame is to practice this phase with a coach. It takes time but if you play lots of games, learn tactics and of course, have fun with it you will see chess improvement.
Chess is a massively popular game enjoyed and studied by people all over the world. Did you know that over 605 million adults play chess? That's a huge amount of the adult population. Chess is the oldest and most popular board game in the world and it's easy to see why. This simple yet infinitely complex game can be enjoyed by anyone and all ages. Dive into the fascinating world of chess with me as we study tactics and learn chess middlegame together.
Book a class with me to take your chess middlegame to the next level. There's so much to discover in chess, so play lots of games. With so many different ways the game can play out it's like playing a new game every match. Join me and millions of other passionate players in the chess community and enjoy a hobby that can last the rest of your life.

This class is perfect for

Beginners, Anybody who understands the basics of the game and wants to get better
Learn ,chess.chess,, with Praveen S | Amphy

Meet Praveen Sagar,

Your teacher

I'm very good with my communication and I like to maintain a healthy relationship with each student. I specialize in teaching openings and middlegame positional/tactical motifs. I help students build a strong foundation by getting them comfortable with an opening system that is best suited to their style of play, and give them sufficient practice to enable the right levels of consistency needed to cross over to higher rating targets.

What to bring

A good internet connection

How to participate

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