Pumpkin seeds "scramble eggs"

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Scrambled Eggs Vegan Version

What you'll learn

I'll teach you how to make and alternate version of scrambled eggs using pumpkin seeds instead.

This class is perfect for

For people trying to eat healthier without sacrificing any taste.
Learn ,food-and-drink.cooking, with Angel G | Amphy

Meet Angel Garcia,

Your teacher

I have always loved cooking but at one point I started to wonder if the foods I was using were good for me or was it just for flavor. Now I am able to create a balance between flavor and nutritious ingredients for our body and mind.

What to bring

-2 Cups Pumpkin Seeds
-Salt and Pepper
-Turmeric Powder
-Onion Powder
-Coconut Oil
-Vegetables to your taste
-A Food Blender

How to participate

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