Pump up your heart! Cardio Workout!

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45 min
Group Class
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In this class you will get that heart rate jumping! no equipment needed! just a bit of space and a willingness to sweat. May be Included: jumping, fast start and stop, agility drills, floor drills.

What you'll learn

This is chock full of high energy. We start slow then ramp it up to have you moving, sweating and getting a great cardio blast.  There are fast start and stop motions, jumping-may be included, agility, hands above the head, and of course some awesome music.  You will work every muscle in your body on all planes of motion designed specifically to get the most of out of each session.  This class is not for beginners, some experience with exercise is required.  

This class is perfect for

Anyone who wants a good sweat session and who is familiar with exercise. Not recommended for people with arthritis, joint pain, back pain or recently gave birth.
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Meet Gina Sider,

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What to bring

Running shoes, towel, water, willingness to push themselves, a smile.

How to participate

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