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¡Español para todos! Improve your language skills in lessons designed just for you! These Spanish classes are interactive and live. Learn Spanish the best way possible, with a Spanish tutor online.

What you'll learn

Join my Spanish classes here for an enjoyable and productive way to learn Spanish. With me as your Spanish tutor online you'll get a personalized learning experience. I encourage students to inform me about their level of Spanish learning. To give you the best and most worthwhile experience I can give you I'll design the course material around your needs. By telling me where you stand, you can learn Spanish and see results quickly without wasting time on areas of Spanish you already have learned.
Most of my students find hard to communicate in another language with confidence and fluidity. I also went through the same experience. That's why in my classes I create a safe, trustfull and friendly environment. Here you will be able to express yourself freely while you learn Spanish. You'll be surprised by how much you'll improve in a short amount of time with a Spanish tutor online.

We will touch on different topics, working on your communication skills with varied material. Some of the materials we'll use include texts, pictures, songs, etc. I believe that learning and fun should go together and not be opposites. That's why my lessons are designed to be both effective and entertaining. After all, languages are used to communicate and create things with each other. Do you want to know more about my classes? Send me a message and I will answer all your doubts :)

After taking my Spanish classes you will have more fluency and confidence in your Spanish. You'll speak to others with clarity and at a higher level than before. Sparking a conversation with a Spanish speaker will no longer be intimidating and hard. With ease, you'll be able to navigate and read Spanish signs wherever you travel. Not to mention the benefit you'd bring to a company that you're applying to work for if you speak Spanish as a second language.

For whatever your goals and aspirations are, this class is here to help you learn Spanish. Live online classes like these are one of the easiest and most effective ways to learn Spanish. Going to class is as easy as opening your laptop, tablet, or phone, clicking the link, and boom, you're in class. My Spanish classes are entertaining, educational, and useful. Can't wait to see you in class!

This class is perfect for

Spanish students of all levels
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Meet Clara Caimari,

Your teacher

Although I studied Business Management, I always loved languages and foreign cultures. So I decided to follow my passion and start teaching Spanish. I've lived in different countries and traveled to more than 20. Even though I'm eager to visit every corner of the world, I prefer slow traveling and quiet and authentic places, where I can dive into the local culture. I speak English and French fluently and a bit of Portuguese. Now I'm in the midst of learning German. I have a Spanish Teaching Certificate expedited by the only Spanish school in Buenos Aires accredited by Instituto Cervantes, and I've been enjoying teaching for more than two years now.

What to bring

Motivation and willingness to learn :) I will send all materials after each lesson and homework to practice at home

How to participate

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