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Private Relationship Coaching Session (30 min.)-0

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Breakthrough session on topics related to Dating & Relationships (romantic, workplace, family & friends)

What you'll learn

This class/coaching session is for you if you 

✔️ are currently single and want to start DATING CONSCIOUSLY 
✔️ want to understand your attachment style, where it comes from and how it impacts who you are attracted to 
✔️ want to show up with your most ALIGNED and AUTHENTIC self at each date 
✔️ want to find a partner who will honor you, your needs and desires 
✔️ want to cultivate the skills you need in order to build a HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP 

The N of classes/sessions required depends on your specific situation. 

During each session I will create a safe container for you to EXPLORE  & TRANSFORM your patterns and bring positive changes into your life! 

This class is perfect for

anyone, who wants to create fulfilling and meaningful relationships in their lives.
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Meet Arevik Hayrapetyan,

Your teacher

I am a TEDx speaker, Life & Relationship coach, as well as Mental Health Advocate. I am here to help you cultivate the necessary skills in order to create fulfilling relationships, meaningful professional path and thriving life! My academic background (both BA & MA) is in Communications. I am the co-founder of Kaizen Mastery People Development Institute, based in Armenia and have 5+ years of experience as a professional coach, speaker and trainer. I have also been a facilitator of many local and international online and offline workshops, focused on personal development, mental health and holistic well-being.

What to bring

Feel free to send me some information about your situation in advance (optional)

How to participate

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