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Private Chess Insights for all levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced. Learn to play chess and make the best chess moves.

What you'll learn

My chess lessons approach is based on principles and logic.
In this computer age, far too many players study chess in a robotic fashion without really understanding the moves. That is hardly how to learn chess. A chess coach teaches the true essence of how to learn chess. 
My aim is to instill a love and passion for chess, and a desire to continuously improve. We'll learn how to fund the best chess moves and play in a human way. Taking chess lessons with a coach is the best way to improve your chess skills. Whether you want to learn how to play chess for the first time or you're looking to defeat better opponents this is the place for you.

Need more reasons to book a chess coach today? Learning chess isn't only fun and rewarding, it also has some serious health benefits. Playing chess regularly has been shown to improve cognitive abilities. Chess players improve their memory, critical thinking, decision-making, and more. There is a lot of thinking involved in chess. In order to find the best chess moves, you must carefully consider your and your opponent's options. Be careful not to put yourself in a weak position and try to trick your opponent into making mistakes. This is the art of chess and you can spend your entire life learning and perfecting the craft. If you want to know how to learn chess, the answer is practice, practice, practice.

Did you know that over 605 million adults around the world play chess? That is a massive number and that's not including kids. This game is so popular that the number of chess players in the world could be a whole continent.  After all, chess is an incredible game. There is so much to learn and study. In fact, there are so many possible boards you can encounter that you can play your whole life and still discover new boards. It's no wonder that this game is loved and studied by so many people around the world.

Book a class with me today and discover your love for chess. I don't teach just to learn the content, I teach to grow your passion and interest. Most chess Grandmasters can only reach that level by pouring their heart and soul into the game. After a lesson, my hope is that you will love the game so much and devote your time to perfecting the art. Let's play some chess.  

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Anyone interested to improve their chess skills
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Meet Clyde Wolpe,

Your teacher

My focus is on helping chess players develop their potential. I provide chess coaching for all levels and ages. I run an International Chess Academy based in South Africa Author of 'The Power of Chess' and 'Powerful Chess Insights'

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