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Spanish lessons for people who have already conquered the grammar rules and have a solid vocabulary. These are live online advanced Spanish classes, the best way to learn Spanish.

What you'll learn

Improve your Spanish to the next level and learn advanced Spanish. These private live online classes are the best way to learn Spanish. You'll get the undivided attention needed to learn and perfect the material. Don't stay stagnant at the same level of skill that you've always been. Take this advanced Spanish class to become a master of linguistics.

Lessons include:
-Constructing compound and complex sentences
-Proper and authentic sentence structure
-Mentally process things in Spanish
-Speaking and pronunciation
-Writing, spelling, and grammar
If you can already hold a conversation in Spanish, read magazine articles, and understand when listening to instructions, then this class is for you. 
You will work on little details that will make a difference while speaking a second language.

Now, moving on to advanced classes doesn't mean it's going to be super difficult from now on. Quite the opposite. At this point, you are a more developed student that can appreciate the complexities of the language.

Although the material is sophisticated you will be able to pick it up in no time. You'll be pleasantly surprised to see how much you can learn in a short amount of time.

As the saying goes, "use it or lose it". If you don't practice Spanish you risk forgetting the information you have already learned. Moving up to advanced classes makes sure that you keep the Spanish knowledge you have. When you're already proficient, this is the best way to learn Spanish. You won't regret it.

Book a class with me today. Advanced Spanish classes are when you really reap the benefits of knowing the language. Let's dive deep past the surface and become Spanish experts. Just like a native.

This class is perfect for

People who want to perfect their Spanish skills
Advanced Spanish speakers
Fluent Spanish speakers
Anyone who wants to master Spanish
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Meet Maria Fernanda Mier,

Your teacher

QUALIFICATIONS: MA Art & Culture Management BS Business GA Level 3 TEFL EXPERIENCE: 2014 - 2021 Countries: Bolivia, USA, Italy Topics: English, Business English, Business skills, Spanish Position: School teacher, private tutor, translator Ages: 3+

What to bring

Intermediate Spanish level

How to participate

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