Pranayama and Meditation

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Breath control is an important step in our practice towards meditation.

What you'll learn

Meditation is life changing for those who have commitment to their practice. Prioritising a daily session of pranayama/meditation  provides a host of phyical benefits including strengthening lungs, stress relief, improved sleep and digestion, detoxification, weight loss, and increases our ability to focus and concentrate. In addition to these benefits it also takes you on a journey of emotional and spiritual maturation , leading to integration and inner peace. The journey is not always blissful, it can be work and help to address buried pain and wounds , as we begin to tap into our deepest shadows, we bring them to conscious mind for processing and transformation.

This class is perfect for

Those who would like to develop some skills to combat stress, feel more calm under pressure, more focused with greater concentration. Develop meditation practice.
Learn ,fitness-and-wellbeing.meditation, with Lucy F | Amphy

Meet Lucy Fisher,

Your teacher

I am a yogi, healer and musician ( mainly violinist) who loves to share practices and creativity in order to guide women to feel empowered and deeply connected to their intuition , creative power and inner voice. I look forward to putting forth many offerings on this wonderful platform.

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