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How to make an aesthetically pleasing portrait. In this class you'll learn the 8 types of portraits, composition and posing.

What you'll learn

Welcome to Portraiture! This is the perfect class for you if you're always in the dark about how to pose your subject and what to include in your frame. You'll learn: Posing, Composition, Symmerty,and the 8 Types of Portraits. Courses are for all cameras, DSLR, Point and shoot, Mirrorless, and Phone cameras.

This class is perfect for

Anyone who would like to make their photography more aesthetically pleasing. From picture to art!

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Jan 01-07, 1970

What to bring

Pen and paper
Camera (can help you but not necessary)
Learn ,art-and-music.photography-and-video, with Aliza D | Amphy

Aliza Duftler

Your teacher

I'm a freelance photographer who specializes in portrait photography. You can find me in Central Park NYC doing a couples photoshoot, DUMBO Brooklyn taking headshots, by the beach for a sunset family photoshoot or at your 3rd cousins once removed wedding!

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