Playwriting: The Beginners Course

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60 min
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Playwriting: The Beginners Course-0

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Do you have an idea and really want to see it performed? Great! Step 1 is completed. The question is now, where do we go from here? We are going to discuss how you can actually translate your idea onto paper and make the process easier

What you'll learn

In this class we are going to look at how can do the following: 
- Put your idea onto paper 
- A full story and plot outline 
- Themes that might be included 
- The title
- How to start with the characters 

This class is perfect for

This class is perfect for anyone who has an idea and want to write a play.
It is important to note this class will be conducted in English and therefore a general understanding of the English language is important.
Learn ,art-and-music.acting-and-drama, with Pierre v | Amphy

Meet Pierre van Schalkwyk,

Your teacher

Teaching English and Drama: - Waterkloof High School - Curro Private School Durbanville Teaching English: - Oosterland High School Theatre Experience: - Six Characters in search of an Author: The Son - The Private Ear: Bob - Cry, The Beloved Country: Various - Drag Queens on Trial: Marlene Delorme - Grandfather: Jaco (This play was nominated for best play at the Suidoosterfees in Cape Town) - Night of the Raven: Lucien (I won Best Stage Actor for my performance) Film and Television: - Upshot: Marco -Suidooster Soap Opera: Chad - Atlantis: Waiter Writing and Directing: - Don't Forget (I won a Bronze for writing) - Christmas in the desert (I won a Bronze for writing, and a silver for directing) - Writer's Motive - Via Africa (To be performed in 2022) But this is not all. I am also a NBI practitioner who's mission it is, to develop whole brain thinking by using thinking preferences. This method of analyzation looks at the brain and help the client to understand how they think and what their career goals and achievements can be.

What to bring

- A pen
- A note book
- Enthusiasm
- An idea

How to participate

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