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30 min
Group Class
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Dive deeper into the world of propagating plants by stem cutting. Build a solid foundation to create more plants from the ones you already love.

What you'll learn

With Sean and Allison from Spoken Garden, learn about stem cutting plant propagation. Learn about how plants grow and how that will influence stem harvesting and the treatment of each cutting. Get familiar with plant tissue maturity, harvest timing, and more, and how that will influence your stem cutting's ability to thrive (don't worry, they promise this won't be scary). Building on all this, you will learn the technique of how to take a stem cutting and what to do after for it's care in the weeks (or months) to come.
If lecture times don't fit your schedule, please email Sean and Allison to see if there is another time they can be available.

Also, for an even more in-depth experience, enroll in our hands-on stem cuttings LAB where Sean and Allison will coach you through the plant propagation techniques and steps in either a 30-minute or 60-minute session!

This class is perfect for

Anyone who wants to learn how to take stem cuttings to add more plants they already love to their garden!
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Meet Sean and Allison McManus,

Your teacher

Sean McManus studied environmental horticulture at Washington State University where he earned both a Bachelor's ('00) and Master's ('04) in Environmental Horticulture. He has experience as an assistant greenhouse grower (1yr), college level teaching assistant(1.5 yrs), USDA research assistant and research associate (1/2 yr) , gardener/landscaper (8.5 yrs), and project coordinator (6.5 yrs). Allison McManus studied many different interests where she earned her Bachelor's of Science degree in Exercise Science and her Master's in Teaching at City University of Seattle. She is a National Board Certified Science educator (10 yrs) and former middle school science teacher (13 yrs). She has experience as a mentor, instructional coach, and team leader.

What to bring

Students will need to have an interest in taking stem cuttings, a pen and notebook to take notes, and a desire to have fun.

How to participate

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