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Pawn structures explained: Live Online Chess Class-0

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Isolated, hanging pawns Carlsbad and Huebner chess structures explained. Learn some of the best pawn structures to boost your tactical chess playing. Live online chess class.

What you'll learn

Pawns usually dictate one's game planning. In this chess class, we will look at typical pawn structures and ideas one should associate. Learning this will help students get the best results in those structures. In this private class, I'll give you the individual care needed for each student. Since everything is live, questions are encouraged so that you don't miss a beat. Learning pawn structure is one of the best chess strategies to study, let's learn chess and get into it.

Learn chess strategy enough and you can play games without even seeing the board. If you were to learn chess strategy to the level of a grandmaster it could be possible to rely only on a strategy without seeing the opponent's moves. Magnus Carlson, arguably the world's greatest chess player, won 7 out of 10 games he played with his back turned. He won those 7 games all simultaneously. It might sound strange but because of the mechanics of chess, it is possible.

Pawns are the most static of the chess pieces. They have the least mobility as they can only move one square forward at once. There are more pawns than any other chess piece. Thus the pawn structure or pawn skeleton greatly impacts the strategy based on their positions.

Pawn structure is important because it shows us a lot about the position. Is the position open or closed? Is the king protected? Are my stronger pieces free to move around the board? Pawn structure can help your own playing and can trip up the opponent's strategy. Learn pawn structure and you are well on your way to becoming a chess Grandmaster.

Book a class with me and perfect your chess strategy. Pawn structures will give you the awareness and understanding of chess that will give you the edge against the competition. Chess is immensely fun and interesting, can't wait to see you in class!

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