Pathways To Enlightenment: Root Chakra (Family)

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2.5 hour
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Pathways To Enlightenment: Root Chakra (Family)-0

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Did you know that our chakras are a pathway to enlightenment? Explore your chakras as a roadmap to healing relationship issues and developing your spirituality. This is an 8 week course - exploring 1 chakra each week.

What you'll learn

Lets face it- relationships can be extremely challenging- whether they are romantic relationships, family relationships, work relationships or friendships... They are challenging! But therein lies the gift- With every challenge there is opportunity... opportunity to learn and grow....
From a spiritual perspective, relationships are the means through which we practice and demonstrate our spirituality. They reflect back to us unresolved aspects of ourselves- aspects that need to be integrated and healed.
We all have within our bodies an honour code which directs us as to how  to handle relationships and situations in our lives.
The chakras are the road map.
Each chakra is an energy pathway which guides us in developing different powers or in learning different lessons that we need to learn in order to become conscious and to empower ourselves.
The "Pathways to Enlightenment" workshop integrates psychological and spiritual processes in order to help people apply spirituality to their everyday lives and relationships.

Course Outline
Session 1: Root Chakra- Accepting Your Family As Sacred & Divinely Chosen/ Healing Negative Family Patterns 
Session 2: Sacral Chakra- One-on-one Relationships/ Relationships as Spiritual Messengers
Session 3: Solar Plexus Chakra: Personal Power & Self-Esteem
Session 4: Heart Chakra: Unconditional Love & Forgiveness
Session 5: Throat Chakra: Speaking Your Truth in Ways That Do Not Harm Others
Session 6: Third Eye Chakra: Learning the Skilful Art of Detachment
Session 7: Crown Chakra: Finishing Unfinished Business
Session 8: Intimacy

This class is perfect for

People wanting to heal their relationships- be empowered and happy in their relationships and develop their spirituality. This is an 8 week course!
Learn ,,fitness-and-wellbeing.personal-development, with Dina C | Amphy

Meet Dina Cramer,

Your teacher

I have an Honours Degree in Psychology and am an internationally qualified professional coach (ICF PCC). I have been designing and facilitating personal and leadership development programs for the corporate and private sector for over 20 years and have coached executives at some of the top multinational companies and government departments in South Africa. I have been working with the Teachings of Abraham for many years now and I am skilled in assisting people working with the Law of Attraction to understand and implement it into their lives successfully and impact-fully.

What to bring

Pen and paper/ journal
Participants will be given a workbook
Participants will recieve free mp3 guided meditations related to each of the chakras and the relationship issues held there.

How to participate

emailHead to your confirmation email or booking page, and click the button to join the stream.
zoom callIf you haven’t already, download Zoom for free on your computer or smartphone in advance.