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PASSED: Chords and Songwriting with Youtube Star-0

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In this class, I will be taking the traditional chords everybody knows and expanding upon them using simple music theory!

What you'll learn

We'll be going over basic music theory concepts on building chords to learn how incorporating melody works. We'll go over proper chord construction with a focus on creativity and finding your voice as a player

This class is perfect for

It's perfect for someone who knows a few chords already and wants to take their playing to the next level!
Learn ,master-series.past, with Sean Daniel ! | Amphy

Meet Sean Daniel !,

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Sean Daniel is a man. A man of simple needs and desires. And the one desire, no, the one NEED, that stands above all is to spread the challenges, joy and intellectual stimulus of music to people of Earth and beyond. Born on the mean streets of upper middle class suburban Chicago, Sean learned the ways of the world through the dizzying heights of success to the lonesome depths of failure and emerged with the promise of a better tomorrow reflecting in his eyes and fiery passion in his belly. He plays and teaches guitar on his YouTube channel to almost 400,000 followers, where he regularly releases original music and projects to the adulation of legions of fans, who often compare him to Chris Pratt and one time Ryan Reynolds. He’s currently in the market for a nice leather jacket.

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