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45 min
Private Class
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In my class, you can work your body in a comprehensive, effective, comfortable, and healthy way. By training your spine and the three basic axes of Pilates (strengthening the core or power house, lateral costal breathing and neutral spine)

What you'll learn

The class will last 45 minutes.
It will begin with a 10 minutes warm-up to prepare the muscles and joint that we will use later on.
Followed by a core block segment -combine with other techniques such as yoga, dance and acrobatics- in which we will address exercises to improve your muscle tone, elongation the mobility of your joints and spine. To end with a relaxation, to disconnect your mind during the last 10 minutes, breath calmly to rest and recharge your body.

This class is perfect for

Kids between the ages of
Learn ,, with Daniela T | Amphy

Meet Daniela Tuvo,

Your teacher

I have been teaching Pilates reformer, mat and barre for the last 5 years. I love this technique. It combined many other disciplines that I have trained, such as acrobatics, yoga or dance. I like to transmit what I know through physical training to accompany and help people in their path of improving their lifestyle.

How to participate

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