One on one Total body workout for women

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30 min
Private Class
One on one Total body workout for women-0

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I will start off with a quick cardio routine and then work arms legs and core. In just 30 min you can get a real workout in!

What you'll learn

I like to start off with cardio to get heart pumping and then focus on building strength using weights and getting that six pack you all deserve! 

This class is perfect for

Women who want to sweat it out and tone!
Learn ,, with Esti A | Amphy

Meet Esti Amar,

Your teacher

I've gone to numerous gyms to gain experience in the world of exercise I've been to Lucille roberts harbor fitness and have been doing insanity and insanity max classes for years.

What to bring

Mat , dumbells , water!

How to participate

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