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SPANISH course bundle with 4 quick lessons. Is this another year where you say to yourself you're going to learn Spanish? And we know it won't happen DE NUEVO! But I'm here to push you and make this year count, I'm here to make it happen!

What you'll learn

Beginners Spanish classes - Adults

What are you waiting for? It's time to get hooked on Spanish!

I give live online Spanish classes so that you can learn how to speak Spanish. We'll cover everything from the ground up. So that this year can be the last year of saying I'm going to learn Spanish eventually. Taking my classes will be like ripping of a band-aid that's needed to come off for months.

Learning Spanish doesn't have to be a pain. I'll teach Spanish so that you can feel more confident in your abilities and finally check it off of your list.

Lessons include:
- The basics: Spanish vocabulary [introduction, lifesaving conversations, trips]
- How Spanish is useful for YOUR life/profession
- Guessing Spanish words you already know but didn't know about
- Practice listening with your favorite songs
- Your first writing in Spanish (Will be better than an elementary school student guaranteed! :D)
- Easy Spanish reading practice (of something actually fun)

Give Spanish a chance and fall in love with its sweetness and connecting power. Learning Spanish will open so many new doors of opportunity for you.

There are hundreds of millions of fascinating people who speak Spanish that you haven't yet met. Emerging Spanish businesses are waiting for you to connect with them or apply for jobs and ace the interview.

Plus, don't forget about all the magical vacation destinations to Spanish-speaking regions that there are. Spain, Mexico, Argentina, and too many more to list. All you need to take advantage of all these superb opportunities is to book my Spanish course.  

>>>This course is perfect for you if:
-You have had bad experiences with Spanish class in the past  -You have already tried to learn Spanish many times with no success
-Or you cannot find the time for learning Spanish

Book this 4 lesson course and finally start learning Spanish. I'm sure you've been pushing it off year after year. So take this as your personal invitation to book a class and start learning today. We're going to have a blast together and learn a lot of Spanish. See you in class!

This class is perfect for

Adults pursuing the first steps to get into Spanish
if you're having trouble getting started
Spanish students
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Meet Maria Fernanda Mier,

Your teacher

QUALIFICATIONS: MA Art & Culture Management BS Business GA Level 3 TEFL EXPERIENCE: 2014 - 2021 Countries: Bolivia, USA, Italy Topics: English, Business English, Business skills, Spanish Position: School teacher, private tutor, translator Ages: 3+

What to bring

Are you tired of saying "this year I'll learn Spanish"? This is the time! Come learn with me in this 4 week course!

How to participate

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zoom callIf you haven’t already, download Zoom for free on your computer or smartphone in advance.