Mystical​,​ magical Northern Lights in Lapland

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45 min
Mystical, magical Northern Lights in Lapland-0

Welcome to an experience full of magical stories, secret myths and legends about the Northern Lights.

What you'll learn

Together we
- discover ancient beliefs and legends underlined with pictures and videos
- explore tales and get you wrapped up in my personal stories
- take a look at the scientific explanation in a very easy understandable way
- get to know the best times and spots to chase them
- read the forecasts from different sources

Get ready for a cozy experience from Finnish Lapland and let me take you on a virtual journey above the Arctic Circle with my own pictures and videos. But don't get ... 
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This class is perfect for

Anyone who is dreaming of seeing the Northern Lights and wants to know more about this natural phenomena.

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Jan 01-07, 1970

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Anja Degiampietro

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I have been living in Finnish Lapland for 6 years. I am an experienced guide - both in person and online. Working in different fields keeps me open minded. I am a part time guide at an ice hotel as well as at a reindeer farm. I am genuinely interested in Northern Lights, Nordic history and culture and I am a passionate photographer too.

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