Music theory - level 2

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Music theory - level 2-0Music theory - level 2-1
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Music theory - level 2-0

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ABRSM - grade 2 music theory tutoring and prep for exam

What you'll learn

Roughly 12 sections to cover to have a level 2 understanding of music theory this would mean you need 12 class sessions to complete level 2 in music theory). you can absolutely pace yourself how ever you like. In these classes I help prep for ABRSM exams. Note, I will only accept those who have completed level 1understanding of music theory.

This class is perfect for

Those wanting to qualify in music theory.
Learn ,,art-and-music.other, with Nicol H | Amphy

Meet Nicol Harvey,

Your teacher

*I have been a teacher intern since July 2019 helping students in class and preparing lessons *I have taken a interim teachers post for a term teaching music to Grades R - 7 *Currently an art teacher to grades 6 - 7

What to bring

Pencil and paper. Additional working material will be provided for download after classes have been scheduled. Students will need to print pages as the classes go on. These materials is going to be your workbook.

How to participate

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