Murder! in Hollywood Murder Mystery

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There has been a terrible murder! Play Detective as you examine the evidence, interview the suspects and try to work out ‘Whodunnit’.

What you'll learn

World famous movie star Buster Chaplin is found dead on the set of his latest movie. Tragic accident or foul play?
It appears Buster was killed by someone on the movie set, but by whom? A money grabbing agent? A co-star with a grudge? Or one of the hangers-on on set?
Put your detective skills to the test to discover who. 

Available as a 1-, 3- or 5-actor interactive online show, lasting 60 or 90 minutes. Examine clues and evidence and hear from the suspects to get to the bottom of this most heinous crime.

Small Group Murder Mystery-	1 Actor	for under 20 people-	1 hour	=	$538
1 Hour Murder Mystery with 3 Actors	<50	1 hour		$958
90 Minute Murder Mystery with 3 Actors	3	<50	1.5 hour	$999
90 Minute Murder Mystery with 5 Actors	5	<50	1.5 hour		$1299

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