Money Mindset Workshop

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45 min
Group Class
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We are leaving behind lack mentally and calling in abundance x100

What you'll learn

45 min training + workshop on money mindset
Start attracting money with ease

That little voice in our head seems to have these thoughts on a broken record
+ I didn’t reach my income goal last year, so am I crazy for putting an even HIGHER one down for 2022?
+ What if the things I launch this year aren’t a success? How will I reach my goal?
+ What if I get invited to weddings this year? How am I supposed to gift $150+ when I can’t afford a new dress?
+ Will I be paying off my visa bala... 
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This class is perfect for

Entrepreneurs, small business owners, people who want to attract money with ease

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Jan 01-07, 1970

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Group sessionUp to 500 seats
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Learn ,business-and-finance.entrepreneurship, with Ana Belen P | Amphy
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Ana Belen Pautassi

Your teacher

Ana Pautassi has been working in the marketing industry for 10+ years. Her work has ranged from PR, digital marketing, social media, creating websites, graphic design, video editing and much more. Her educational background consists of an Advance Journalism Diploma and a Communications Degree. Both of these have allowed her to have a diverse career working with businesses in the electronic industry, government, colleges, news outlets, animal-based services, beauty products and many others in marketing and as a business & mindset coach.

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