Mojito lovers: 3 easy cocktails to make

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45 min
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Mojito lovers: 3 easy cocktails to make-0

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You love Mojito? That's the right place for you! Here a class about three different variations: classic, fruity and spicy!

What you'll learn

Mojito is a great cocktail for summer, but do you know that you can make so many twist of it? Here three variations: easy to make and absolutely delicious.

What we are going to do:
- Brief presentation,
- Brief history of the cocktails we are going to make,
- Introduction to the tools we are going to use,
- How to make a classic Mojito,
- How to make a Strawberry Mojitp,
- How to make a Spicy Mojito,
- Tasting the cocktails,
- Q&A

This class is perfect for

For those who want to learn how to make a classic Mojito and two more twists of this amazing summer cocktail.
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Meet Emanuele Mensah,

Your teacher

I have worked in hospitality for many years. I like to pass on my knowledge and passion. My cocktails' recipes are suitable for any time of the day, from hangover drink to night cup. My teaching style will give you the opportunity to learn and understand the reason a drink is made in a certain way. I do masterclass for cocktails and spirits (such as whiskey, mezcal tequila, gin, vodka and all liquors and derivatives). You can also make a request on the topic that interests you the most. I do courses for both groups and individuals. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact me. If you want to see some of my work, I have a YouTube channel @cocktailswithlele where you can watch my work style. On instagram @cocktailswithlele you can see the final results and experiments I do every day.

What to bring

White rum,
Lime juice,
Sugar syrup (sugar and hot water, I'll show how to do it),
Lime (2)
Strawberries (7-8),
Fresh chilli (1 or 2),
Crushed ice.
Bar Shaker (or protein shaker)
Bar spoon (or tablespoon)
Jigger (or shot glass)
Fine Strainer,
Chopping board,

How to participate

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