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If you struggle with your diet, relationship with food, and knowing what foods are right for your body, this coaching is for you. Mindful eating connects mindfulness with the food you put in your body.

What you'll learn

I will guide you through practices and tools to develop an awareness of your body on a deeper level through the foods you eat. 

The majority of the time we eat mind'less'ly, while scrolling, watching TV or distracted, not actually focusing or even thinking about the food that is on the plate. 

Through mindful nutrition coaching you will develop a heightened sense and enjoyment of food. Often mindfulness and eating habits are looked at as separate entities but mindful eating brings these practices together so you can be more present while eating and feel better in your body before, during and after meal times. 

You can either book a one off session where we can deep dive into your healing, or a block of sessions where we can go on a journey together to transform how you feel in your body and mind. To gain the most out of this I recommend booking at least 4 sessions. Please message me before if you have any questions or concerns. 

This class is perfect for

People who struggle with their relationship with food, and who are confused about what is right for their body.
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Meet Niamh Byron,

Your teacher

Niamh is qualified as a yoga teacher and holistic health coach. Her experience teaching around the world has lead her to hosting retreats, workshops and works 1-1 closely with students ranging from yoga, meditation, breathwork and health coaching.

What to bring

Prepare or have an idea about what it is you would like to change about your health currently.

How to participate

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