Meditation and breath work for stress relief

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The art and science of breath discipline, Pranayama, with Rainbow who will guide the student through different techniques for maintaining presence within the design of each moment.

What you'll learn

Meditation allows one to refresh and restore their body, mind and spirit. Rainbow will guide the student into a mindful inner journey through meditation and breath work (pranayama), the diverse practice allows student to reconnect with their sense of Self.
Enjoy each and every breath as you absorb the different energetic possibilities used with the motor of simple respiration. 

This class is perfect for

People who wants to relax, reset and reconnect with themselves.

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Jan 01-07, 1970

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Learn ,,fitness-and-wellbeing.meditation, with Rainbow K | Amphy

Rainbow Kwok

Your teacher

Rainbow is a certified yoga teacher and reiki practitioner interested in the energy healing, dreams, and the whole spectrum of human emotions from a very young age. She believes yoga is the movement for one's body to align with one's mind and soul. Through meditation and pranayama (breathing exercise), Rainbow leads people to explore their inner world, to find themselves and their essence. She has been teaching classes both in person and online; and doing distance healing around the globe throughout her traveling from Asia to the Middle East; and from Europe to South America. As a compassionate being, Rainbow is good at gently guiding people on their own unique journeys creating healthier patterns and beliefs about themselves and what they deserve to help them heal situations in their life and feel better as a whole.

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