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Master Keigo and Japanese Business Terms-0

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This course focuses on those phrases you're expected to know for business occasions. Japanese Keigo is the most polite speech in Japanese. For intermediate and advanced levels.

What you'll learn

Have you learned about です and ます grammars? Great - these are actually good enough to use for speaking at any occasion. However, you might hear something different (and often longer) at a business meeting such as でございます or いたします, etc...

This is because in Japanese business culture we have more casual and more formal ways of speaking. When doing business dealings, Keigo Japanese is what you need to use. It's the honorific speech in Japanese business culture and you will learn how to use it in my course. 

We’ll learn the basic endings and terms for using in business. Together, in this private 1-on-1 course, we'll practice converting normal sentences into business Japanese.

These are private Japanese tutoring lessons, so it's me and you with no distractions. I'll be able to assess your level of skill and teach accordingly. No need to waste time on phrases you already know and grammar rules you understand. We can learn in a systematic way that will cover a lot of material in a short period. You'll be surprised by how quickly you'll learn Japanese business etiquette and Keigo Japanese. 

What you can learn:
• Basic business phrases and manners
• How to write business messages 
• Phrases at work
• Job interview practice

There are quite a few benefits of learning Japanese business Keigo. First of all, Japanese business culture is very different from that of western culture. Differences in how negotiating, deal-making, and interaction happen to exist. So by learning the ins and outs of the business culture in Japan you can build a better repertoire. You also avoid getting frustrated by things not going how you expected or are used to in America.

Behaving and speaking the proper way will help you get accepted and get the results you are looking for. Plus, you avoid making embarrassing mistakes in front of potential partners, colleagues, and clients.

*You’re expected to take many classes to master all the business Japanese. Recommended booking a bundle of 4 to 12 classes minimum.

Book my Japanese business culture course today and learn the phrases you need to know. Learn how to behave and speak in front of potential business partners in Japan. You'll open yourself up to many new opportunities. Japan is a wonderful resource of business, technology, and progress that must be taken advantage of.

This class is perfect for

Those who are going/willing to work in Japan
Those who are interested in business Japanese
Those who want to learn something new
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Meet Julia Akashi,

Your teacher

Why did I become a Japanese teacher? ... Since I realized the beauty of Japanese language and there are a lot of people all around the world who love Japan!! I started feeling that I’m meant to be born as a Japanese to tell how beautiful Japan is from the aspects of culture, history, and language. I believe learning a new language broadens your possibility and even changes your personality in a better way. I’d love to be of any help for you! Teaching style ... Very flexible! We can study based on your textbook step by step, focus on writing Japanese letters, have conversations in Japanese, talk about some questions you’ve been wondering for, analyze your favorite Japanese songs/ anime/ manga, etc. How long have I been teaching? ... Since 2015 on Instagram. ... Since 2020 as a personal teacher. How many students have I taught? ... 113k students on my Instagram! ... 30+ students as a personal coach

What to bring

Basic grammars (being able to structure basic sentences)

How to participate

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