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45 min
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Let's dive in deep to Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO so you can be in full control using Manual Mode.

What you'll learn

No need to be afraid of the “M” on your camera anymore! With "M" mode you are able to unleash the full potential of your camera's technical ability and do amazing effects! Get a full understanding of Manual Mode settings. You'll learn how to get that silky smooth blurred background, or completely tack sharp foreground through Depth of field control. Freeze action or capture slow light movement through Motion Blur Control. Take your exposure control to the next level in various lighting scenarios.

This class is perfect for

Anyone and everyone desiring to be in full control of their camera. (learning manual mode)
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Meet Aliza Duftler,

Your teacher

I'm a freelance photographer who specializes in portrait photography. You can find me in Central Park NYC doing a couples photoshoot, DUMBO Brooklyn taking headshots, by the beach for a sunset family photoshoot or at your 3rd cousins once removed wedding!

What to bring

Pen and Paper
Camera (will help but not needed)

How to participate

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