Manual Mode Demystified for Photo enthusiasts

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30 min
Private Class
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Auto modes are awesome. However, if you're looking to do anything more than snapshots you would have considered using manual mode and if you ever felt confused, intimidated or just irritated by all the things in manual mode this class is for you.

What you'll learn

In this 30 min short class we will talk about all things manual mode and demonstrate where possible. Every photography method apart from casual snapshots be it flash photography, time-lapses or long exposures, it needs a mastery of your camera and the manual mode. The earlier you start the better. We will discuss how to get started using the manual mode, how to make it easier to use it, what each thing means in this mode and how to apply it. As usual my class is always completely customisable to your needs and aspirations and I will always be available afterwards for questions and feedback. 

This class is perfect for

New camera owners, people curious about manual mode and more importantly those who already have a camera and want to take the next step in improving their photography and gaining complete control over their camera.
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Meet Pradeep Javedar,

Your teacher

I have been working as a freelance photographer since 2012. I have always been a photography enthusiast and enjoyed geeking out about photography. I have worked as part of photo teams and as a freelancer for companies, events and individuals shooting people, food, travel, products and special moments. I'm currently focused on food however, I enjoy all aspects of photography including teaching photography. I'm something of an opportunistic photographer, I plan for every shoot but I also make the best out of every situation and make the best out of the unexpected. I'm also a medical doctor and have many years of experience teaching undergraduate medicine.

What to bring

A camera with a manual mode (some phone and most point and shoot cameras have them now).
Curiosity and open mindedness.
Questions and concerns about manual mode.
Think about your ideal photographs and what you're missing right now to get there.

How to participate

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