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20 min
Life Coaching Group Session - Intro-0

A brief coaching session with the GROW model.

What you'll learn

In this group coaching session, we will have a brief session to help you to G.R.O.W.
This session will be available weekly. Feel free to join!

*This is an introductory session to our Coaching session. We will only give 1 (one) time booking for each participant/ account per semester.
**Appointments must be booked at least 24 hours before the schedule. Any booking less than 24 hours notification will be declined.

This class is perfect for

Anyone who wants to have a personal development

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Jan 01-07, 1970

Learn ,fitness-and-wellbeing.personal-development,, with Nanda E | Amphy

Nanda Esalawati

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Certified Life Coach & Member of iGCLC™ (International Guild of Certified Life Coaches). Holder of Commercial Pilot License with the Certificate of Flight Instructor. Certified Aviation Safety Officer & Auditor. Experienced in Creative Economy for producing educational/entertaining content through the internet. And, not to forget, a Former Kindergarten Teacher. Graduated from the University of Indonesia with academic research in "Symbolic Meanings in Major Arcana of the Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg by Yuri Shakov 1992". Although she has been reading Tarot Cards intuitively since 2004, Nanda Esalawati continues to teach symbolism in Tarot Cards with Mythopoeic approaches and Hermeneutics Methods. In January 2021, Nanda Esalawati Co-Founded Alpha Eureka Edukasia, Inc. Providing as much value as possible on the internet. The team has been producing educational content since 2016, throughout YouTube, Social Media, podcasts, etc. We combine our experiences as Teachers, Tutors, Instructors, Lecturers, artists, and journalists. Alpha Eureka Edukasia, Inc. was incorporated in Delaware, USA. We provide as much value as possible on the internet. Our team has been producing educational content (with a twist of entertainment) since 2016, throughout YouTube, Social Media, podcasts, etc. Our Co-Founders started our careers in education, journalism, and aviation. We combine our experiences as Teachers, Tutors, Instructors, Lecturers, Artist, and a Journalist. We are planning to provide as many values as possible to our audience in several niches. We consider our social media platforms as our online classes. We can be reached as close as your mobile phone or computer. We are only one click away from wherever you are. Anything begins with an idea. Either changing a career or wanting to turn a hobby into a business. Or maybe you have a creative project to build. Whatever it is, the way you tell your story online can make all the difference. We know how you feel because at some point we were standing at where you are right now.

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