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30 min
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Join Aliya to learn the creamiest hummus you've ever had!

What you'll learn

Ever wonder what the secret is to tasty hummus? In this cooking class you will learn how to make it again and again in your own kitchen.

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Learn ,food-and-drink.cooking, with Aliya D | Amphy

Meet Aliya Davis,

Your teacher

Aliya has been teaching cooking for over 5 years from her home in Tel Aviv. She is particularly passionate about the Mediterranean and Israeli kitchens and enjoys creating new recipes from whatever she finds in the local shuks (marketplaces).

What to bring

Blender or food processor
-1/3 cup raw tahini (sesame) paste
-¼ tsp Cumin
-Salt and pepper to taste
-2 cloves fresh garlic
-2 Tbsp olive oil
-Ice Water
-1/2 cup dry chickpeas soaked for 6-10 hours before class and then boiled with a pinch of baking until very soft ( Boiling takes about 30 min) You can use from a can, but fresh chickpeas taste better)
-1/2 lemon

How to participate

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