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Live Online chess lessons with my carefully prepared training program, fully adjusted to the student needs. Study both past and recent games, which is not so easy to find anywhere else. For advanced players.

What you'll learn

Learn chess online from a chess grandmaster. Through game analysis, we will understand the inner workings of chess. I am going to present carefully chosen material for you to learn from.
We'll study the three main phases in the game of chess. Either openings, the middlegame, or the endgame depending on the student's needs.
Questions are very welcome so don't be afraid to ask anything you like. Don't worry about the class time limit we can stay a little longer if you want. The point is that we do really good chess analysis.
Enjoy the individual attention you'll get from private 1-on-1 chess lessons with a grandmaster. Private chess lessons mean I'll be able to customize this class towards the student's needs.
If you only recently started playing and have never competed before we'll learn the basics.
If you are already a seasoned player we'll dive into a deep analysis of past and recent games. This will improve your understanding of chess and help you rank higher and win more games.
As I mentioned there are three main phases of chess.
Which phase do you need to work on?
The first phase of chess is when players begin to make their first moves. Both players should focus on developing their strong pieces while protecting the king. By castling the king, players can protect him and move on to the second phase.
There is no clear indication of when the openings phase ends and the middlegame starts. Usually, once most of the strong pieces advance into the center of the board you're done with the openings. Middlegame lasts until all the pieces but the king and a few others are no longer in play.
The final and most exciting stage of chess is endgames. When you're left with only a king and some ponds, as you do in most endgames, strategy, and tactics come into play in a big way. Try to put your opponent in checkmate before he does.
There is so much to learn and so much fun to be had in the world of chess. Book my class and dive into the joy of playing one of the greatest most challenging and engaging board games ever made. You'll improve your playing skills and perhaps one-day face-off against Magnus Carlsen himself!

This class is perfect for

Anyone no matter what skill level
Seriously improving the level of your chess playing.
Advanced players
Learn ,chess.chess, with Mihajlo S | Amphy

Meet Mihajlo Stojanovic,

Your teacher

Coach of the national teams of Japan, Serbia, and Switzerland in period 2006 - 2022 (different years and competitions of course). The teams I was coaching faced the fantastic Magnus Carlsen twice and quite surprisingly, he lost both games. He lost against Ivaniševic, the best Serbian player for a long time, in Greece in 2007, and against Pelletier (best Swiss player for many years) in Reykjavik in 2015.

How to participate

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