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Private Chess lessons for Intermediate players. Everything you need to learn to improve your chess skills. Get the strategy and intermediate tactics that will take you to the next level.

What you'll learn

In these chess lessons enjoy and learn chess online from an experienced chess coach. If you already play chess and are looking to learn chess on an intermediate level then this is the place for you. Learn chess online 1-on-1 where you can ask questions and learn at your own pace. I'll personalize all my chess lessons for each student's individual needs. Once you learn chess online you'll see there is no better way to consistently practice chess.
To learn chess intermediate level we'll focus on the following:
1) Assessing your strengths and weaknesses.
2) Making a plan for improvement.
3) Working hard with students. Giving homework and guidelines for self-work.
4) Playing training games (theory without practice is useless)
5) Helping in game preparation.
Many beginner chess players have difficulty outsmarting opponents. By tackling every area of chess playing you will be less vulnerable to the tactics of more advanced players. Learn the strategy with me that will propel your game to the next level so you can win more games.
Join the giant community of chess players and discover a lifelong hobby. As a matter of fact, many chess players play well into their old age. The act of practicing chess strengthens your mind and memory. This makes long-term chess players have excellent memory skills. When they grow old, chess players are less likely to develop memory problems like dementia. So it is not only the replay value of chess that makes people play for long but also the benefits of it.
Chess is a game for all ages and all walks of life. There is a very broad demographic for chess players. Chess is actually the most popular board game in the world. Did you know that there are over 605 million chess players worldwide? It is such a fun and engaging game that it is still the most popular game in the world centuries after it was invented.
Book a class with me today to brush up on your chess skills. Whether you want to compete and beat titled players, or want to show off to friends and family, this is the class that will take you there. Chess is a really enjoyable game that is even more interesting when studied closer. Let's get started and take your chess playing to the next level.

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Meet Milos Stankovic,

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Winner of many individual tournaments and team championships: Serbia youth champ 2009. Serbia senior team champion 2010. European Youth rapid championship 2010 bronze medal. Elgoibar Masters 2017 runner-up. International Grandmaster tournament Valjevo 2017 first place. Ikaria chess open 2016 second place. European student's games, Zagreb 2017 bronze team medal. Christmas tournament, Augsburg 2018 first place. Playing Bundesliga 1 for BCA Augsburg chess team.

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