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Want to know how to stop losing chess games? Want to know how to win at chess? Wondering how to start a game and how to finish off opponents? This live online class is here to answer all your questions. Let's learn chess.

What you'll learn

This class will help you learn classical chess, my favorite way to play chess. We'll learn chess strategies and tactics that explain how to win at chess including:

-How to stop losing games
-How to start a game
-How to finish off your opponent and put them in checkmate

All answers and suggestions will be revealed in this 60-minute live online classical chess class. Join me to find out more and learn how to win at chess.

This class is 100% live and online. That means every student has their own time to work on what they need to work on. I have a deep individual approach for every student and give a lot of materials for individual work. If there are certain areas of your chess playing you want to improve then we can focus on that. If there are parts that are more difficult for you to grasp, we can spend extra time on those. The personal care you get from private chess classes is key to getting ahead of the competition.

Chess is one of the oldest and most popular board games in the world. It was invented in India in the 6th century AD. Its complex workings and never-ending variations made it a favorite for generations. Even after playing hundreds or thousands of matches, you can still play positions you've never seen before. It's no wonder this game has lasted so long and is still massively popular today. Did you know that over 605 million adults play chess around the world? That is a huge chunk of the adult population.

Book a class with me to get started and see everything you're capable of. If you want to understand how to play chess expertly and stop losing games, this is the class for you. Take 60 minutes out of your busy day and you won't regret it. Let's play chess!

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Meet Davor Rogic,

Your teacher

Grandmaster from since 2005. Top ELO 2602. Croatian champion 1994. Member of Croatian team on Olympic Games (1998 and 2000) and European Championship (1997) Playing occasionally mainly on team competitions like a good team player in Croatia, Austria and Germany league with highly friendly approach.

What to bring

Starting knowledge of moving pieces

How to participate

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