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Whether you are new to Law of Attraction or whether you are already a deliberate creator who would like to fine tune your vibration and manifestation...Having a Law of Attraction Coach is the best investment you can make in yourself!

What you'll learn

As a Law of Attraction coach I believe that you can BE or DO or HAVE anything!
I have complete unconditional positive regard for you. I will be your greatest cheerleader! I will walk the road with you! And I will I mirror how your Inner Being feels and thinks about you back to you so that you can more easily access your Inner Being.

As a Law of Attraction Coach my expertise lie in understanding the Law of Attraction and how to apply it. I am able to share my wisdom and knowledge of Law of Attraction tools and practices to assist you in transforming your life. Most importantly though, I understand that YOU are the EXPERT in your life and it is my role as coach is to support you in finding the answers and actions that resonate with you!

Most of the time, when it comes to our lives we are too close to our "issues" and "stuff" to see how they are affecting our vibration and manifestations. For example: Remember at school when someone put a "kick me" sign on someone else's back. They don't know it is there and are wondering why wherever they go people kick them... As your Law of Attraction coach, I am an objective person who is able to see your "stuff" more easily and is able to look at you and your life from all sides- walk around you- and see what is on your back.

I also become your accountability partner ! I will hold you accountable to the actions and promises you make to yourself in order to transform your life. In this way you keep the momentum moving in a positive direction. It also allows us to regularly assess where there may be a need for calibration.

This class is perfect for

People who are already working with the Law of Attraction who want to fine tune their vibration and manifestations in order to live their truest most beautiful lives!
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Meet Dina Cramer,

Your teacher

I have an Honours Degree in Psychology and am an internationally qualified professional coach (ICF PCC). I have been designing and facilitating personal and leadership development programs for the corporate and private sector for over 20 years and have coached executives at some of the top multinational companies and government departments in South Africa. I have been working with the Teachings of Abraham for many years now and I am skilled in assisting people working with the Law of Attraction to understand and implement it into their lives successfully and impact-fully.

What to bring

Be in a quiet space where they will not be disturbed
Pen & paper

How to participate

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