Japanese Business Culture & Communication Skills

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This is an all-in-one Japanese culture class. Learn everything you need to know about working with Japanese customers & colleagues! Make a great impression, close deals, and create relationships with these skills.

What you'll learn

 Japanese work culture is different in many ways then western culture. It's like an entirely new world in the Japanese market and their attitudes and manors are different as well. When doing business with Japanese companies it's important to first learn the culture to behave and communicate well. You want to make a good impression and of course not do anything to insult someone or embarrass yourself. Here you can learn how to do business with Japanese companies.
In this one-hour class, you will learn a range of Japan-specific cross-cultural communication skills for working with Japanese businesses! Understand the Japanese work culture, business culture, and Japanese traditions that guide the environment. 

This is a comprehensive class that encompasses the essential knowledge needed. You'll learn about faith, society, organization, culture, and communication with Japanese friends, customers, and colleagues.

For the best results, I'll provide useful materials to help with learning. Lessons come with original diagrams, photos, and video clips to enable you to grasp the essence of Japanese culture and social values vividly.
The Japanese business market is a thriving place. Did you know that Japan is home to the oldest company in the world? Established in 578, Kongo Gumi started its temple and shrine construction company. They've been an integral part of this ancient art for centuries.
That's not all. Japan is a world leader in technology and innovation. The businesses that exist now, old or new, are integrated into the modern world. Getting inside this market and taking advantage of it is a valuable thing to do. Learn the proper customs and phrases to say when doing business to maximize your potential in this market. 

This knowledge will enable you to understand why they do things the way they do, and "connect" with Japanese business partners as their trusted partners and friend. You'll be able to make new connections with Japanese business partners and navigate through Japanese culture with ease. You'll fit in with your environment with excellent Japanese etiquette and knowledge of the culture.

Book a class with me today to get all the training you need to thrive in Japanese business culture. If you work in Japan or are moving there soon this is the perfect class for you. You'll learn the ways to behave and communicate effectively for whatever your professional goals are. This is a group class giving you the opportunity to start networking right here! See you all soon.

This class is perfect for

All levels of students who want to learn Japanese business culture and communication skills.
People working in Japan
People doing business with Japanese
People working in the Japanese market
Targeting Japanese industries
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Meet Takashi Kawatani,

Your teacher

*Visited 20 countries to resolve cross-cultural challenges of international businesspersons when working together. *At home with various dimensions of crosscultural issues of management, leadership, engagement and communication across nationalities. *Published 12 books of crosscultural business and one of Malaysian beetles.

What to bring

1. Job title and type of business
2. Learning goal and interests
3. Questions about Japanese business communication
4. If you want, smartphone to record intonation and pronunciation of Tak

How to participate

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