Italian for Intermediate B1-B2

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Italian for Intermediate B1-B2-0Italian for Intermediate B1-B2-1Italian for Intermediate B1-B2-2
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60 min
Private Class
Italian for Intermediate B1-B2-0

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This course is the perfect option for those who want to improve their previous knowledge of italian and reach new goals, to be able to communicate effectively in different contexts and situations.

What you'll learn

In these class, higher levels of grammar are studied which allow for a better and varied conversation. I will encourage you to use yuor previous knowledge of italian in conversation bringing up topics that will engage yuor interest and make you comfortable. You will be able to deal with most situations likely arise whilst travelling in the Country where the language is spoken. Can produce connected text on topics which are familiar or personal interest. You can describe experiences and events,dreams,hope and ambitions.

This class is perfect for

Everyone who wants to improve and speak italian fluently, know better italian culture and history.
Learn ,language-and-culture.italian, with Federica I | Amphy

Meet Federica Iacobacci,

Your teacher

I have more then 10 years of experience in teaching italian as a foreign language. I worked for a variety of private schools,international companies, with people from all over the world.

What to bring

A wi-fi connection, a tablet or laptop, a note and a pen.

How to participate

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